Heritage Race

The Heritage Race, which has been run in Singapore for two years in a row in 2014 and 2015, will travel to Bangkok on November 29, 2015.

A travel industry-led event created to uncover local stories about places and to raise funds for good causes, the Bangkok Heritage Race is organised by local travel industry volunteers and Web In Travel (WIT), and sponsored by Accor Plus.

The inaugural Race will focus on uncovering heritage stories along the famous Chao Phya River. The trail is curated by Asian Oasis, owner and operator of unique experiences in Thailand, and Local Alike, an online marketplace for community tourism.

Local start-up Coin Back, which encourages travellers to donate loose change through a “smart” donation machine, will provide the link between the Race and the beneficiary of funds raised, Goodwill Group Foundation.

The first two Races in Singapore, organised jointly with Ramada-Days Inn Hotel at Zhongshan Park, raised a total of S$26,000 for the Lee Ah Mooi Old Aged Home.

The Bangkok race will kick off and finish at Saranrom Park and participants will be required to find up to 16 designated stops and complete challenges in order to qualify for the winners’ draw, with attractive cash prizes to be won!

Registration is at US$20 per person and participants can form teams of 2 to 6 persons each.

The race will begin at 8am in Saranrom Park, where participants will convene and be briefed about the rules of the race. The key objective is to uncover all the stops along the Trail, complete the challenges and collect stamps along the way as proof of visitation.

The teams to complete the race and challenges will get to participate in the Winners’ Draw and stand to win cash prizes.
The first prize will win US$1,000 cash, second US$700 and third prize US$400.

Attractive travel prizes will also be offered.

The race is open to anyone – travel industry professionals, students, locals or tourists – interested in uncovering local heritage stories in Bangkok for a good cause.

Your US$20 participation fee will go towards our designated charity, the Goodwill Group Foundation, which empowers disadvantaged Thai women.





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The Heritage Race and the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya river flows through the very heart of Bangkok. This major artery has brought life and wealth to this part of Thailand for many centuries. The river weaves its way through Central Thailand from the confluence in the northern region, passing through Bangkok as it winds its way inexorably towards the Gulf of Thailand.

Located on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya, Rattanankosin is the old quarter of Bangkok, and it is here that you will find the city's most spectacular and popular historical attractions including the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The fact is there is so much more to explore in this area beyond shimmering temples and spire-shape stupas, especially if you are curious to know what the old Bangkok once looked like.

Within walking distance of the Grand Palace near the office of the Ministry of Defence, you will come to an old section of Bangkok that was once a large community and bustling trade center called “Sam Praeng”. The word ‘Sam Praeng’ means a three-way junction. The name is derived from three alleys, which were the location of the royal mansions of three princes. Today, these alleys are lined with two-storey colonial style shop houses and residences that have been built since the King Rama V period (1853-1910 AD). These buildings have been renovated recently to maintain the same character of the last century.

The Bangkok Heritage Race will centre on historical places in the old quarter of Bangkok. Most of the people in this area have been living here for generations and continue their family businesses. During the race, you will be amazed to find out how an old and dangerous activity was held at a big swing, visit a spirit shrine highly revered by Bangkokians (and it is not the Erawan shrine) and sample a variety of delicious local food.

This race, hopefully, will help you to get a glimpse of the charm of old Bangkok. Enjoy discovering the city of angels in unexpected places that are off the beaten path.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to participate in the race?
All ages are welcome as long as you are fit enough to travel up to 3km on foot in humid weather.
How many participants are permitted in a team? What if I do not have sufficient members in my team?
2 to 6 participants are allowed in a team. We keep it flexible so you need not worry about insufficient members! You can also come on-site and join a team.
What attire should I be wearing?
Anything that’s comfortable for you to roam the streets of Bangkok in the tropical heat. We recommend t-shirts, shorts and comfortable footwear. Of course, you can get creative and come in team t-shirts or even in costumes!
How will I know if my entry has been accepted?
You will receive a confirmation slip upon your successful registration.
Please note that you will need to produce your printed confirmation slip when you check-in on the event day.
What cause will I be supporting?
The Goodwill Group Foundation - Empowering Disadvantaged Thai Women.
Any other questions, please email us at syaz@webintravel.com.
Do allow us 3-5 working days to get back to you.


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